Teresa Antoja and Roger Mor interviewed at the Sky & Telescope magazine

Published on 16.03.2020


Our astronomers Teresa Antoja and Roger Mor appear in this month's edition of the Sky & Telescope magazine. They talk about the Gaia mission and how its data releases have been broadening the knowledge about our Milky Way.

In the piece "“Data from the Gaia Spacecraft are unveiling the Milky Way’s tumultuous past”, Mor talks about his findings on the Milky Way's stelar baby boom.

Antoja says to the magazine “ Most of usare very lucky to be in this place and at this time. This topic in general, galactic dynamics, this will be the Golden age”. She has recently published two papers that go in depth inthe study of Saggitarius.

Read March's edition of Sky & Telescope.

Referred articles:

Mor et al., 2019. "Gaia DR2 reveals a star formation burst in the disc 2–3 Gyr ago" Astronomy & Astrophysics, 624.

Antoja and colleagues on the "Full 5D characterisation of the Sagittarius stream with Gaia DR2 RR Lyrae", and "An all-sky proper-motion map of the Sagittarius stream using Gaia DR2".