Fors Aldrich Octavi

Position: Collaborator
Field of research: Exoplanets ; Robotic Astronomy ; Time domain Astrophysics ; High Time Resolution Astrophysics ; Astronomical Image Processing and fusion (wavelet transform) ;
Email: Web Site
Phone: (+34) 934039234  
Office: 757 - Get there (PHYS1)  
Evryscope website: Evryscope
TFRM website: TFRM
My research spans the following areas:

1. Astronomical and Remote Sensing 1D and 2D Data Analysis:
A) design and implementation of Evryscope-South reduction pipeline,
B) wavelet-based analysis of light curves (AWLORP algorithm),
C) image fusion using wavelets,
D) image deconvolution using wavelets.

2. Instrumentation:
A) design and construction of three wide-field robotic telescopes (Evryscope-South, Evryscope-North, and TFRM),
B) design and implementation of new high-speed reading modes for CCD and NIR imagers (OAN 1.5m/MAGIC, CAHA 2.2m/MAGIC and VLT/ISAAC).

3. Science:

A) discovery of Earth-sized transiting exoplanets orbiting K to M-dwarfs with Kepler, K2 and TESS missions data.
B) detection and frequency study of M-dwarfs stellar (super)flares of active stars and its habitability implications on orbiting planets, with Evryscopes and TESS data.
C) detection of transients (FRBs, GWs/EWs) with Evryscopes and follow up with TJO, and TFRM.
D) Submilliarcsecond resolution of infrared stellar features: measurement of stellar diameters, detection of new components in very close binaries systems, circumstellar envelopes, by means of high time resolution lunar occultations technique..