NEW: The pre-enrolment for the 2024-25 academic year will remain open from February, 1 until June, 21.

Preregistration must be done on-line. Applicants will have to upload their academic records and a Curriculum Vitae. They may optionally ask up to two referees to provide confidential reference letters. English accreditation is not mandatory.

It is not required to have passed all the courses of the undergraduate degree in order to preenroll in the master's program, although it is mandatory for the enrolment itself.

Applicants will receive notification by e-mail via a Letter of Acceptance or a Letter of Rejection from the Admissions board before the preregistration period is over. However, students with outstanding academic records may receive the Letter of Acceptance shortly after their preenrollment.

A list of possible tutors (future thesis supervisors, if applicable) is available at the ICCUB website.


The official registration of accepted students takes place on-line once the relevant documents have been delivered at the Office of Students and Teaching of the Physics Faculty (master.fisica@ub.edu). Detailed information about the preenrollment and enrollment processes can be found here.

IMPORTANT: This degree does not offer the possibility of enrolling for the Spring term only.