Gravity: Challenges beyond General Relativity

Sala de graus Eduard Fontseré (Facultat de Física UB)

General Relativity is among the most successful physical theories ever developed. However, fundamental physics suggests that it cannot be the complete story. The goal of this three-day workshop is to bring together scientists working on classical, quantum, and phenomenological aspects of gravity beyond General Relativity.

Topics covered range from quantum gravity, higher-derivative gravity and other extensions of GR, black holes and exotic compact objects, gravitational waves, and cosmology.

The workshop will feature a selection of plenary talks as well as contributed talks, for which preference will be given to postdocs and PhD students. 


Invited speakers include

  • Raúl Carballo-Rubio
  • Vitor Cardoso
  • Adolfo Cisterna
  • Katy Clough
  • Leonardo Gualtieri
  • Ruth Gregory
  • David Kubiznak
  • Jorge Rocha
  • Alejandro Ruipérez
  • Laura Sberna
  • Andrew Svesko
  • Bayram Tekin


Local Organizing Committee

  • Pablo Cano (ICCUB)
  • Robie Hennigar (ICCUB)
  • Anna Argudo (Administrative Staff, ICCUB)
  • Esther Pallarès (Administrative Staff, ICCUB)


Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Pablo Bueno (ICCUB)
  • Roberto Emparan (ICREA- ICCUB)
  • Antonia Frassino (ICCUB)



May 22-24, 2024



This workshop receives financial support from  “la Caixa” Foundation (ID 100010434) through the grants LCF/BQ/PI21/11830027 (Robie Hennigar) and  LCF/BQ/PI23/11970032 (Pablo Cano)

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