The ICCUB outreach team manages two websites devoted to Cosmology, Astrophysics and Particle physics. You can find all of our researcher's talks and outreach events, ongoing and past projects, dissemination news and several outreach materials. Do you want to know, for instance, what The Christian or Western calendar is? Take a look into our outreach websites!


Find Astronomy and Cosmology news, activities and events. You can also find several outreach resources and materials such as travelling exhibitions and videos. We'll also keep you updated on the astronomical agenda, live webcast of astronomical events as eclipses and planetary transits!


Outreach resources and materials on Cosmology, Particle Physics, Gravitation and Atomic & Nuclear Physics. Find past and upcoming activities, workshops and talks, dissemination news and articles.  You will also find a Project section, that includes the Workshop on Particle Physics.


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