Executive Board

The Executive Board is in charge of the day-to-day management, the implementation and supervision of the agreed policies, the institutional representation and the coordination with the UB management structure.

  • Director: Dr. Xavier Luri, director@icc.ub.edu
  • Deputy Director: Dr. Assumpta Parreño
  • Secretary: Dr. Jordi Salvadó
  • Scientific Director: Dr. Licia Verde
  • Technical Director: Dr. David Gascón



ICCUB Council image

ICCUB Council

The ICCUB Council has the responsability for the long-term strategic decisions regarding the structure and functioning of the institute.


  • Valentí Bosch
  • Francesca Figueras
  • Paula Garcia
  • Lluís Garrido
  • Eugeni Graugés
  • David Gascón (Director of the Technological Unit)
  • Bruno Julià
  • Xavier Luri (Director)
  • David Mateos
  • Licia Verde (Scientific Director)
  • Jacopo Fumagalli
  • Antoni Bertólez
  • Esther Pallares
  • Josep Maria Paredes
  • Assumpta Parreño (Deputy Director)
  • Àngels Ramos
  • Arnau Rios
  • Jordi Salvadó (Secretary)

Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is responsible for the scientific direction of the Institute. This organ is responsible for the definition of the institute strategic scientific programme and is the forum where the institute policy is discussed and agreed.


Roberto Emparan

Xavier Luri

David Gascón

Montserrat Guilleumas

     Jordi Salvadó

     Licia Verde

     Assumpta Parreño



ICCUB Scientific Board 2024

Technical Coordination

The Technical Coordination has the responsibility to coordinate the Technology Unit and design the technological strategic plan of the institute.


  • David Gascón
  • Jordi Portell

ICCUB Technical Coordination picture

Colloquia Comission

Colloquia Comission


  • Jorge Casalderrey
  • Valentí Bosch
  • Javier Menéndez
  • Pablo Bueno

Advisory Committee

International Advisory Committee


  • Felix Aharonian, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and Max Planck Institute für Kernphysik, Heidelberg (Chair)
  • Ruth Gregory, Department of Physics, King’s College London
  • Alan Heavens, Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology, Imperial College, London.
  • Tatsuya Nakada, LPHE, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne.
  • Martin Savage, Professor of Physics at the University of Washington, InQubator for Quantum Simulation
  • Meg Urry, Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, New Haven, United States.

ICCUB predoctoral commission

PhD Meetings representatives


  • Marcel Bernet
  • Lídia Lozano
  • Daniel Marín
  • Antonio Mariscal
  • Marie Schölch

DEIC Commission (governance)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission


  • Àngels Ramos (Ombudsperson)
  • Antonia Frassino
  • Assumpta Parreño (Chair)
  • Esther Pallarés
  • Francesca Figueras (Ombudsperson)
  • Licia Verde
  • Mar Carretero
  • Roberto Emparan
  • Toni Bertólez


ICCUB organization chart

Organization Chart

ICCUB detailed organization chart

Access the ICCUB Organizational chart in PDF format here.

Organigrama ICCUB