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The Student Group (GdeE) of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF) and Organizing Committee of the Preliminaries of PLANCKS 2023 have chosen the Linking Quark team to represent Spain in the final of the "Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick- ace Students” (PLANCKS). In fact, it is one of the three teams going to the international stage.
Linking Quark is composed of students of the Masters in Quantum Science and Technology, specifically by Héctor Briongos, Jorge Martínez, Eric Sánchez and Laia Serradesanferm. In the Preliminaries, Linking Quark came second out of 60 teams from 16 different Spanish universities.
"This milestone demonstrates the high quality and educational level of the master's degree,” stated the GdeE.

Preamble to PLANCKS 2023

The PLANCKS Preliminaries are a theoretical physics competition for teams of up to four undergraduate or master's students, consisting of solving difficult-to-solve problems based on real experiments. This GoE document is a sample of the PLANCKS 2023 Preliminaries challenge statements and solutions and it demonstrates ​​the challenge of the competition.
The final competition, organized this year by the Italian Association of Physics Students and members of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS), will be in Milan from May 12th to the 16th, with a total of 50 teams competing from all over world.
"When we heard about the preliminaries, we wanted to participate as we are passionate about physics and we like challenges. We are very happy to have been selected to participate in the final stage representing Spain and we hope to do it as well as we can, working as a team and enjoying the physics among friends,” the team jointly stated.
Héctor adds that "it was very easy to find classmates who wanted to sign up for the preliminaries; so much so that on the day of the test we actually had two teams. We coordinated and worked together very well during the test, but we were surprised by our second place result. In Milan I hope to work together just as well, and to get the best possible ranking."
In the words of Bruno Julià, coordinator of the Master's in Quantum Science and Technology, "We are very proud to have a group of students with extraordinary talent and motivation, able to face challenges inside and outside the quantum world. In this case, we give all our support to Laia, Héctor, Eric and Jorge, the "Linking Quarks,” and we hope they will play a great role and enjoy the experience.
The institutions involved in the Masters in Quantum Science and Technology are: UPC, UAB, ICFO, ICN2, IFAE, BSC and UB.
To learn more about the protagonists, consult their LinkedIn profile: Héctor Briongos, Laia Serradesanferm, Jorge Martínez, Eric Sánchez. Likewise, the Master's LinkedIn and its external website