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Joan Solà, professor of Theoretical Physics, receives the recognition of 'Trusted Reviewer' by the Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) for his "exceptionally high level of competence in peer review".

The prestigious organization of scientific publications in the field of Physics with headquarters in the United Kingdom, congratulates him expressly, highlighting his contribution in ensuring the quality and rigour in the work of expert review.

IOP Trusted Reviewer Certificate
Credit: Institute of Physics

Joan Solà is a member of the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics of the Faculty and also a member of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB).

"I feel satisfied to see that my scientific judgment is so well valued on both sides of the Atlantic, so to speak. It's been more than a decade (2012) since the American Physical Society awarded me the recognition of "Outstanding Referee" of its scientific journals", says professor Solà (see news item here).

Apart from the double evaluation of his scientific criteria, Joan Solà is valued for his own scientific contributions, which are among the most cited in the Stanford ranking, as stated in the 2022 news article.

"The UB itself places me among the most cited researchers, which is not easy because as a theoretical physicist I do not work with large teams and multitudinous groups but the bulk of my publications are with few collaborators and especially with my PhD students.", he assures.

Likewise, the scientist's work has received special mention (Honorable Mention) five times within the essays of the Gravity Research Foundation, as was collected in an ICCUB article in 2018.

You can follow his research on his Inspire database profile.